Could Your Website Be Earning More Money ?

You need more than just a website – You need one that works!

It needs to be visible, easily found and in front of your prospective customer.



• 52% of average customers do a Google search before they EVER buy anything from a new company
• What if they don’t find you and your business?
• What if they find negative reviews?
• What if they find your competitors site or their products and services first?
• 62% of all people will check out your website BEFORE they spend any money with you.


Having a website is NOT a guarantee that you will make money online.


Most business owners:


  • Have little or no idea about how much traffic their website gets, nor how to turn that traffic into income
  • Aren’t listed in the search engines, many still don’t have a web presence at all
  • Aren’t in Google Maps
  • Don’t understand how to use facebook effectively for business
  • Have no idea what their competition is up to online nor how to check
  • Have no idea how their site appears on a mobile phone, if you are missing out on mobile visitors you could be missing out on business

It’s such a waste to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, to get a website set up and then not be able to see a decent return on your investment.

You need your website to WORK for you. You need it to:

• Make sales (whilst you are doing something else!)Banner6
• Generate new leads
• Stay in contact with your customers and keep them updated and informed of everything your business can do for them.

There are some things that you can do straight away that won’t even cost you a penny.

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Here’s what local business owners are saying:

“Vix and I were positively buzzing after our meeting and you completely restored our faith in what we are trying to achieve with the web.

Other businesses trying to sell on the internet would benefit hugely …Today’s session answered so many questions in a way that Vix and I understood so that we can now apply the solutions to what seemed scary tasks which are actually not that hard after all!

Definitely we would recommend having a web strategy with you, we learned more yesterday that will positively benefit the site than we ever have in the last 2 years!
Plus loads of positive energy and ideas to take the site /selling online forward.
We covered far more than expected and Vix and I are now excited and eager to take it forward and can’t wait for another session!

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